Sunday, 17 August 2014

15 - 16 August 2014 - Zebra Rock Mine, Lake Argyle and Katherine

We left Kununurra for the Zebra Rock Mine in the Northern Territory just 60km from Kununurra. Crossing the border into the NT we had to adjust our watches 1.5 hours ahead so lost part of the day in the process! The Zebra Rock Mine was established just 3 years ago. This unique 600 million year old rock is only found in this area and nowhere else in the world. Nobody knows how the rock is formed but is striped just like the stripes of a zebra.

The hosts of the mine were pet-sitting a Bearded Lizard, Matilda, and a Carpet Python, Derek. Matilda is so docile you can do almost anything with her. After settling in we drove to the lookout where we could see Lake Argyle in the distance. A short rest brought us to the time to go on the 4 hour Wetlands Safari on lake Argyle. The bus trip took '3 songs' to get there and the scenery that greeted us was stunning! So many birds you did not know which way to look. The first part of the safari was on the edge of the lake in shallow water with archer fish around the boat. Next we headed at speed to another section of the lake shore with beautiful channels with trees and very green grass lining the waterways. We stopped for snacks and a fishing rod was brought out by our guide Max. A catfish was duly caught and to our surprise was not thrown back but pumped full of air and then thrown back for the Sea Eagles to snatch from the water surface! With 3 eagles watching eagerly we did not have to wait long for the the fish to be snatched in typical fish-eagle style. We were fortunate to catch the action on video, not once, but 3 times!

The trip back to the bus brought a spectacular sunset and another '3 song' ride back for fish and chips around a campfire with fairy lights wrapped around the Boab trees ringing the camp.

After a peaceful but cold night we headed for Katherine almost 500 km east. We checked into the caravan park we last stayed at 7 years ago. We decided to have rest day, so Sunday we just relaxed and chose our best photos.

View of Zebra Mine area and Lake Argyle in the distance
Start of the Sunset Safari on Lake Argyle
Channels on Lake Argyle
Fresh water crocodile
Snacks with the Sea Eagles
Sea Eagle
Sea Eagles
Sunset over Lake Argyle
600 million year old Zebra Rock
Matilda the Bearded Lizard
Great Egret
Lake Argyle wetlands
Lake Argyle wetlands
Pied Heron

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