Friday, 8 August 2014

4 - 8 August 2014 - Karijini

Just spend an awesome 3 days in Karijini. Visited so many gorges and took so many photos that we had no time for much else.

We climbed in and out of 7 gorges (one twice) and found we are pretty fit from our morning walks and racing up escalators!  The gorges we visitied are: Joffre, Weano, Wittenoom, Hancock, Dales, Kalamina and Knox.  All the gorges are very different so you need to see them all.

The nights were cold (6 degrees) but the days beautiful.  We had a wonderful campsite at the Eco Retreat with a view over virgin bush towards the sunset.

Will be out of contact for few more days.

Weano Gorge
Hancock Gorge
Kalamina Gorge
Knox Gorge
Knox Gorge

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