Tuesday, 12 August 2014

11 - 14 August 2014 - Kununurra

Left Derby and visited the Boab Prison Tree on the way out. Boab trees are very closely related to the Madagascan Baobab tree and it is thought they got to Australia via ocean currents. Boab trees looks almost identical to the African Baobab tree and the name is thought to be a shortened version of Baobab.

Had head winds all day which did not play nicely with our fuel consumption }:-(  We were both rather tired so when we saw a Farm Stay caravan park advertised and the writeup on Wikicamps was really good we decided to stay for the night. The place is called Larrawa Nature Stay and is a working cattle station. For those non-Aussie readers, a station is a farm! What a lovely place - no power but there was fresh drinkable bore water and hot showers. There were about 5 other vans with us so it was really quiet and peaceful. After a nap we went to feed 4 calves who had lost their mothers. The sheep were also brought in for the night and fed along with the pigs and chickens. All animals except for the cattle are for the table! The pigs are caught wild on the property so a good source of food and also help reduce the population ferral pigs which are very destructive in the wild.

The moon rose over our caravan so out came the cameras for some night photography. The farm is approximately half a million acres with +/- 10 000 head of cattle and is run by the farmer, his wife and one camp hand! Talk about efficient use of resources. The farm was started completely from scratch in 1989 by the current farmer and he has only just finnished doing everything he wants to do on the farm.

After a good night's sleep and a chat with the farmer and his wife we headed for Kununurra for a couple of days rest after all the travelling.

Male Red-Wing Parrot
Larrawa Nature Stay
Larrawa - Full moon over our caravan
Prison Boab Tree
Inside another Boab tree - room for 10 people

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  1. Really enjoying hearing about your travels. Keep up the good work. Judy.