Thursday, 23 October 2014

7 - 9 October 2014 - Broken Head and Dorrigo

Before leaving the Gold Coast we went to a Holiday Club presentation where we won a 7-night holiday in the Gold Coast, Bali or Thailand (flights not included). After leaving we headed towards Byron Bay and after an uneventful trip we arrived to find it was just another tourist/holiday place with lots of people, and after the Gold Coast in school holidays we did not feel like all the mayhem again. We looked for caravan parks nearby and decided to take a look at Broken Head. This was a great little park right on the beach and we arrived just in time as they were closing the office for the day. We had a very windy and chilly night and got up early to walk on the beach and watch the sun rise. We found a lovely little creek near the beach and spent time trying to find the Whipbird without success. From the beach we could see the lighthouse of Byron Bay which is on the most eastern point of mainland Australia and the location of a shark attack only a week or so earlier!

We packed up and headed inland to take a more scenic route to the Blue Mountains which would be our next major stop.  We had coffee and pies on the side of the road served from a blue caravan with blue table and chairs and a suitcase of second-hand books for sale. We sat and enjoyed the break in this unique setting. Continuing we drove through some lovely valleys then encountered a mountain pass which was long and steep and which terrified Vlasta - fortunately Keith was driving. At the top of the pass was a little town called Dorrigo and after visiting the information centre we decided to stay for the night at a farm that caters for caravanners, campers and backpackers. Well, this spot turned out to be absolutely stunning with views over the valley and mountains. We only had one other caravan with us and we were pretty much in a lovely green paddock. We just had to stay a second night! The old farmer drove round at 6:30 each evening to collect the $20 for the night which included electricity, water and hot showers.

Next day we visited the Dangar Falls which were right next door and then spent most of the day walking in the rainforrest where we saw the Lyrebird, Cat Bird and finally the Whipbird.  We also saw a Red-necked Pademellon, Satin Bowerbirds and Logrunners amoung many others. We decided to have takeaways from the local Italian restaurant which was divine. This was one of the most memorable days so far and we were sad to have to leave. The flowers and blossoms were spectacular around town thanks to being the wettest town in NSW.

Byron Bay lighthouse
Sunrise at Broken Head
Creek at Broken Head
Coffee on the road
Our caravan in Dorrigo
Crimson Rosella
Dangar Falls in Dorrigo
View from the rain forest in Dorrigo
Viewing platform in the rain forest in Dorrigo
Waterfall in the rain forest
Green Catbirds
Male Satin Bowerbird
Female Satin Bowerbird
Brown Cuckoo-dove
Red-necked Pademellon

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