Sunday, 19 October 2014

1 - 2 October 2014 -Tambourine Mountain

We left Brisbane and headed for Tambourine Mountain just an hour or so south of Brisbane and had the caravan serviced along the way while we had coffee. We had visited the area while in Brisbane for Kate & Lon's wedding 7 years earlier so were keen to enjoy it again. The caravan park had a lot to be desired but was comfortable enough although they allowed wood fires in a dry, wooded, windy caravan park. We had 2 noisy and smokey nights there.

The next day we headed up the mountain for a walk in the rain forest where we spent most of the day enjoying the forest and all its creatures. We saw plenty of brush turkeys and found well-camouflaged little birds called Log Runners that scratch in the ground for food without even worrying about you standing close by and taking photos - very cute. We kept hearing an unusual bird call and Keith thought it had to be a pigeon so out came the mobile phone app, Birds of Australia, and we started playing the calls of different pigeons and found the 'owner' - a Wompoo Pigeon. As soon as it was identified Vlasta looked up and immediately saw it high in the canopy about 20 metres up. We got some long-range photos of this green bird along with another green bird called the Cat Bird which had a call like a cat or baby crying!

The rain forrest on Tambourine Mountain
A Logrunner scratching in the undergrowth with a sideways motion of its legs
A Wompoo Pigeon high in the canopy
A Cat Bird

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