Tuesday, 30 December 2014

22 - 26 December 2014 - Esperance

Our first full day in Esperance started off cloudy and cool so we quickly visited the info centre and had breakfast at the Dome before doing some shopping to replenish stocks after not being able to take fresh fruit and vegetables across the border from South Australia. After dropping off the shopping in the caravan we went to Twilight Cove for a stroll on the beach as the weather had cleared into a lovely day although it was still cool. We picked up a few more groceries before heading home to relax.

Deliveries of groceries had arrived during the night so we did our final shopping before all shops closed for Christmas - it was manic! We then bought some pies and went to Twilight Beach to relax for a couple of hours. Vlasta had to be back at the caravan for a work chat about returning to her job after her career break. All went well so we celebrated with champaigne cocktails, walked to the jetty and chatted to some lovely elderly fishermen then returned to the caravan to cook pork medallions for dinner.

Next day we headed to Cape Le Grand National Park with the McGrath family we met on the jetty. We visited Hellfire Beach, Thistle Cove and then Lucky Bay for lunch, photos and a swim. Next we headed along Rossiter Bay to play on the white sand dunes. The 3 kids had a ball with their boards sliding down the dunes while all 4 adults had a great time enjoying the antics of the kids. The day was drawing to a close so we headed home for a shower before having a fantastic meal at the Loose Goose to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas day arrived and we were a little weary so we decided to relax in the caravan park. We had been invited to join the McGrath family and others for Christmas lunch, so at 12:30 we all sat down to celebrate Christmas. There were 3 other couples who had joined us and we had a great time chatting and enjoying the afternoon. At about 16:30 we all went our own ways and we took a stroll to the end of the jetty to walk off the lunch. We worked on some photos because the McGrath family were leaving the next day and we wanted to give them some photos from the previous day. Adrian and Debbie came around for drinks and then the kids joined us and we gave them sparklers as a final Christmas treat. After they all left we finished the photos and dropped into bed.

Next morning we quickly put the photos onto a USB stick and gave it to Adrian who immediately put it in the TV to view. We said our good-byes and packed a lunch and headed for Lucky Bay for the day. On the way we had a quick stop at Hellfire Bay before setting up the sun shelter and relaxed. We had our lunch then explored along the beach. On returning we had a wonderful swim in the crystal clear water before heading home. This was sadly our last day in Esperance and second last day of our holiday.

Twilight Beach
Twilight Beach
Hellfire Bay
Thistle Cove
Whistling Rock
Lucky Bay
Transparent waves on Luck Bay
White sand dunes
Playing in the dunes
Eucalypt flowers
Christmas Tree - a type of Banksia
Our sun shelter on Lucky Bay
Lucky Bay

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