Sunday, 30 November 2014

18 - 19 November 2014 - Ferry to Tasmania

We had arranged a late checkout from our caravan park so we had a late rise and breakfast. We quickly went to Officeworks to buy a new kettle and some USB thumb drives as I wanted to give Dave some e-books. We dropped off the USB drive and then prepared for our ferry ride to Tasmania. We needed to be at the ferry terminal no earlier than 5 pm, so we headed out at 4 pm with the caravan in tow. We arrived right on 5 pm and went through customs, collected our boarding passes then waited for about an hour before we drove the caravan on board. We had to drive up a steep ramp up and over the bow of the ferry and into the depths of the ferry. It was a tight fit but we managed well and headed to our cabin.

After dropping off our overnight stuff in the cabin we explored the ferry. There was not a lot to look at so we ended up having a beer to celebrate before heading to the buffet restaurant for dinner. We ate too much but enjoyed the view as we steamed across the bay to the open sea. We were rather tired and it was getting late so we decided to turn in for the night. Sometime shortly after hitting the sack the sea became quite rough but fortunately it did not affect us.

We were up early in the morning (4:30) to shower and watch the sun rise as we approached Davenport for the 6am docking.

Boarding the ferry
Leaving Mebourne on the Spirit of Tasmania
Port Phillip Bay
Sunrise just before arriving in Devonport
Arriving in Devonport

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